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Skydive Galveston

Where’s the best place for skydiving Houston Texas? Tandem parachute jumping over the ocean and landing on the beach takes your skydive experience to a whole new level of amazing that you cannot get jumping anywhere else but here at the beach!

We are the USA’s Tandem Skydive Specialists and the only place in the USA with the skill and capability to land you on the beach every jump. We work exceptionally hard to ensure you enjoy the safest and most epic skydiving Houston has to offer. Beach landing tandem skydiving really is the most spectacular, best, and only way to truly enjoy the thrill of 120mph free-fall. After that free fall, float under parachute canopy and soak up the amazing Gulf of Texas and Galveston Island views – the Island is truly amazing from 14000ft. We use the latest state-of-the-art parachuting equipment and meticulously maintained aircraft. We insist our Tandem Jump Instructors have qualifications above and beyond the USPA requirements (Instructors average a 1000 jumps per year and have been jumping since 1993) and we have a jump pilot with more than 5000 hrs flight time.

Ask any qualified skydiver where they would most want to jump and land and they will tell you the beach!!

Why land in a field when you can land on the beach?

Whether it’s a life list thing, proposal, birthday, adrenaline fix or any other reason – we have you covered!

We are Veteran owned and operated. Allow our professional Veterans to land you on the Beach!


The ONLY place to purchase a Tandem Skydive to jump in Galveston is through this website. In an effort to deliver the best possible customer service, experience and safety to our guests, Skydive Galveston does not work through any 3rd party, high-volume online sales websites.

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Is Skydiving Safe

Is Skydiving Safe?

Is skydiving safe? Compared to many things, including COVID, yes! So how is skydiving safe? Because you are choosing to jump with us, as safe as it can be. Exceptional instructors, equipment and aircraft mean you couldn’t be in safer hands than with Skydive Galveston. Too put it in perspective, the United States Parachute Association our governing body, their statistics say there is on average1 fatality in every 167,000 jumps – that includes fun jumpers doing super crazy stuff. Compare that with the chart below or the 94 fatal accidents on US roads everyday!! So now you can see that Continue Reading → Is Skydiving Safe?

Skydiving Houston

How much does skydiving cost?

So with a number of skydiving locations (dropzones) to choose from, with a huge array of prices – where should you go? First thing to note, is aviation based activities in general are not cheap. Whether you want to learn to fly, take a sightseeing trip, travel across the USA or jump out of an airplane, it is going to cost you something. Should you buy the cheapest air ticket to travel across the USA? Absolutely you should (maybe). Awesome so you booked but didn’t read the small print. All the luggage you want to take is now going to Continue Reading → How much does skydiving cost?

Skydiving Houston

Is Skydiving Safe?

Is Skydiving Safe? The short answer is yes! The longer answer to Is Skydiving Safe – well compared to what? If you’re sat at home on the couch then that’s probably safer than skydiving, although you may get heart disease. Are you more likely to die in a car accident than skydiving? Yes. Should you try a tandem skydive? We think everyone should try it at least once, life isn’t a dress rehearsal. Is Skydiving Safe Compared To Other Sports? To give you a comparison, check out this article on sports to see where your concerns should really be – Continue Reading → Is Skydiving Safe?

What’s on in Galveston?

Skydive Galveston – Helping Support the Island Skydive Galveston is open all year round. Sure its a bit cooler in the winter, but still amazing in the sky and the only difference from the summer is you’ll need long pants and long sleeve shirt.   You may think the island starts to slow down the weather is cooling a little, but that is completely not the case!   Check this out for what’s going in – even if you don’t want to skydive!   Calender of Events  

Sneak Peak Skydiving Video, Houston TX

Here’s a little of what to expect on a take-off, free-fall tandem sky dive and a parachute descent!  

Skydive Houston Halloween Charity

Halloween Charity Skydive

SKYDIVE GALVESTON & BAHIA OAKS BBQ ARE STOKED TO ANNOUNCE A CHARITY EVENT THIS HALLOWEEN WEEKEND FOR SHRINERS HOSPITAL IN GALVESTON, IN CONJUNCTION WITH CANOPIES FOR KIDS Halloween weekend is your chance to jump for charity through us and Canopies for Kids to benefit Shriners Childrens Hospital on Galveston Island. Tandem jumps if you are in costume will be $199 (usual price $229), includes BBQ, free T’shirt and you can buy your Canopies for Kids bear through this website. On the day you will jump with your Tandem Instructor and bear, ensuring all bears have a safe ride. On completion Continue Reading → Halloween Charity Skydive

Skydivers -Buyer Beware of 3rd Party Re-sellers

Skydiving Houston – Who Should You Purchase Your Jump From?   Wanting to Skydive in Houston? Wondering who you should purchase your tandem skydive from?   We have the answer!   There are only 3 REAL tandem skydiving locations in and around Houston and there are at least 6 3rd party re-sellers CLAIMING to be in the Houston area.   So who should you go to?   You should seriously consider only buying direct from the dropzone that you wish to jump at.   Why? Well there’s a whole host of reasons why – here’s just a few of them:   Continue Reading → Skydivers -Buyer Beware of 3rd Party Re-sellers

Skydiving Houston

Skydiving – The New Therapy?

Is it? Well there is mounting evidence to suggest that it may be a good addition to regular scheduled therapy and other professional help. It’s being used as another tool to help both Veterans with PTSD, youngsters with traumatized upbringings and women who have been the subject of domestic violence or sexual assaults. How is it helping? That seems to depend on the person, and the outcomes are different for everyone! Some people feel empowered and that they’re taking back control. Some find the mix of endorphines and chemicals the body produces lift them from the depression they’re in, others Continue Reading → Skydiving – The New Therapy?

Skydiving Houston - Skydiving Galveston

Skydiving – Houston’s closest Beach Tandem Skydive

Tandem Skydiving in Houston – Houston’s closest Beach Tandem Skydive – Open 7 Days a Week From 28 June! Located only 40 -45 minutes from Houston – Tandem Skydive over the sparkling Gulf of Mexico. Not only will you get the best tandem customer service and epic beach tandem skydive experience Texas has to offer, but we’re going to make things even sweeter with a little deal. Buy one tandem and 2 video/picture packages and get a second tandem free! Normal price $720 – your price $470 that’s a HUGE $250 saving! Phone bookings only, call now do not miss Continue Reading → Skydiving – Houston’s closest Beach Tandem Skydive

Skydive Houston

Welcome to the new Skydive Galveston !

So welcome to the new Skydive Galveston website! Here at Skydive Galveston we want you to have the best tandem skydive experience you can, with ultimate customer service. Wondering what you should know about tandem skydiving out of a perfectly good plane? Well you should check this out :