Are we slightly more expensive than other Sky Diving operations?

Yes – and the devil is in the detail!

You could say that skydiving is inherently dangerous… After all, you are throwing yourself from an airplane strapped to someone you just met! You are trusting them and their equipment to function correctly, preventing you from coming to a sudden messy stop when the altitude reads zero.

But if the risks are managed appropriately, the right amount of money is put into maintaining equipment and airplanes, it’s inherently safe!

We are Reassuringly Expensive…

The more you reduce the cost of skydiving, the more people have to come through the door in order for the company to break even and much more importantly, cover the equipment and aircraft maintenance costs that keep sky diving safe. An increase in people means more wear and tear on the instructors, parachuting equipment and airplanes. Additional people in a day increases instructor fatigue, it also means the guys and gals packing your parachutes have less time to spot possible problems with the equipment. It also means less time for the instructors to spend with you and it becomes ‘just a jump’ not the Tandem Skydiving Experience that should be one the most exquisite moments of your life.

Skydive Galveston take a different approach – and it’s all about you!

Only a certain number of guests are allowed to book per day.

We spread out our bookings to ensure quality time is spent with you our valued customer.

Our tandem skydiving instructors have a whole hour with you to answer any questions you may have and to allow you to build a rapport with the person you are about to trust your life too.

All our equipment is state of the art and maintained to meticulous standards, this includes our aircraft and to do it properly at the correct standard is expensive. These are safety corners we will not cut, your and our lives depend on it.

Cheap skydiving is not good skydiving, and it isn’t necessarily safe skydiving.

Location, location, location – after the adrenaline, the next best part of your tandem skydive experience is the views you have while you jump. We choose to jump over the ocean and land on the beach because the views are epic and a beach landing adds a whole other level to your skydive! In order to do that, we only select the most qualified, experienced sky diving instructors to become part of our team. They want to be a part of our team because they know we operate safely and maintain all our equipment and aircraft to the highest standards.

When you choose your skydiving experience, ensure you don’t make your choice just because it’s cheap.

Be comfortable with whichever company you select . Call all 3 Houston skydiving operators (Skydive Galveston – us, Blue Skies Skydiving Center, Spaceland) to get a vibe before deciding.  Make sure you are speaking to someone at a drop zone – not a third party re-seller who will just send you to any dropzone they have a ‘deal’ with.

Your overall experience and quite possibly your life will depend on the choice you make and the $$$ you spend. If you’re worried check out this link from Will Smith on Skydiving