Is Skydiving Safe?

Is Skydiving Safe? The short answer is yes! The longer answer to Is Skydiving Safe – well compared to what? If you’re sat at home on the couch then that’s probably safer than skydiving, although you may get heart disease. Are you more likely to die in a car accident than skydiving? Yes.

Should you try a tandem skydive? We think everyone should try it at least once, life isn’t a dress rehearsal.

Is Skydiving Safe Compared To Other Sports?

To give you a comparison, check out this article on sports to see where your concerns should really be – after all the all American sport of Cheerleading is more dangerous than Skydiving – bet you didn’t know that!!

In fact the sports that rank more dangerous than Skydiving include: Horse Riding, MMA, Football and Soccer.

It’s all about the perspective you put on everyday life. We all get in a car everyday where 40,000 people per year die because it’s the norm. What if everyone got to work skydiving, would driving now be perceived as more dangerous and unsafe – very likely it would.

When all the equipment is maintained correctly as we do, the planes are inspected and serviced as required and all the instructors hold above the norm in qualifications then the sport is inherently safe. So yes – skydiving in Houston Texas with us is safe, not least because because we are reassuringly expensive!

Hold that thought – because when you’re paying bottom dollar for your skydive and the person you’re about to trust your life with – what do you think the standard of the personnel, equipment and aircraft is?

This is one sport where the price you pay has a direct reflection on the quality, safety and age of the equipment in use and the experience level of the instructor you get.

Keep that in mind when you book your next skydive. Just look at the standard of car you get for $500 vs $5000 and that may help you understand.