Skydivers -Buyer Beware of 3rd Party Re-sellers

Skydiving Houston – Who Should You Purchase Your Jump From?


Wanting to Skydive in Houston? Wondering who you should purchase your tandem skydive from?


We have the answer!


There are only 3 REAL tandem skydiving locations in and around Houston and there are at least 6 3rd party re-sellers CLAIMING to be in the Houston area.


So who should you go to?


You should seriously consider only buying direct from the dropzone that you wish to jump at.



Well there’s a whole host of reasons why – here’s just a few of them:


  • 3rd party re-sellers (with the exception of Groupon) generally inflate their prices to get their cut.


If they are not inflating their prices to make money off you, then they are charging a lesser price and with that goes hand in hand a lesser quality of service. What do we mean by that? Well once they have your money they don’t care, want to ring up and change your date, get a refund, ask questions, make a complaint – they don’t care and you will end up on hold for a person who is never going to answer unless you’re a new sale.


  • Speaking to the dropzone guys gives you a good feel for what you can expect!


You are about to throw yourself from an airplane strapped to someone you just met 20 minutes ago, you want to feel comfortable and that it’s the right place to do this amazingly scary and incredible activity. So call and book direct, make sure you like the people you’re talking too – they are the face of the company you choose after all.


  • Customer Service, Customer Service and Customer Service!


Buying direct gives you unrestricted access to ask as many questions through as many phone calls as you wish at the location you choose. Those questions cannot be answered by a 3rd party reseller sat in an office in WI or CA (yes those numbers are a Houston area code but they aren’t in an office in Houston), and chances are the person you spoke to at the 3rd party reseller hasn’t ever jumped from a plane.


Websites in Houston that are 3rd party resellers and should be avoided:


  • (followed by service-area)
  • (followed by parachuting-near)


We value the potential skydiver in everyone who is considering a tandem skydive experience. There are two other companies in Houston that you can choose to jump with other than us and we love that there’s that freedom of choice. So even if you don’t choose to be a guest with us at Skydive Galveston, make sure you go direct to the other guys – cut out the 3rd party re-seller.