Want to try skydiving in Houston Texas? If you you’re thinking about experiencing the thrill of a tandem skydive with a professional instructor, we are the right people to call. Our team of veterans are highly skilled and experienced skydivers!

Houston skydiving location

We are located approximately 45 minutes from downtown Houston, at the Tin Cups Caddy Shack at 9020 Stewart Road,Galveston TX. See our Location Map for details. Our goal is to provide a “no waiting time” tandem skydiving experience to all our customers! You arrive at the booked time, take to the air and enjoy your jump, and then head off with virtually no waiting around.

Houston skydive bookings

Use our online booking service to book your skydive. On the appointed day and time you’ll arrive from Houston. We finish up the paperwork and then introduce you to your skydive jump instructors who will;

  • Deliver a personalized training program
  • Get you harnessed up in preparation for the jump
  • Ensure there is some ‘getting acquainted’ time
  • Get you to pose for pictures
  • Transport you to Scholes Airport to board our aircraft

On arrival at Scholes Airport, our final gear checks are concluded and our veteran instructors will explain the aircraft safety rules. Immediately afterwards, you’ll be rolling along the taxiway to runway that’s been allocated for our take off.

Houston Skydiving Experience

Once airborne you will enjoy the extraordinary panorama  of Galveston Island’s sandy beaches and the Gulf Of Mexico. During the flight phase, your tandem sky dive instructors are chatting to calm your nerves whilst double-checking all their jump procedure checks.

You’ll be harnessed up to your jump instructor who will fully check both of you. They will also repeat the sequence of the jump again to ensure you don’t forget during the climb to the final altitude over the jump zone.

When the aircraft door opens. your skydive instructor will talk you through the steps in in preparation for the jump. After some last minute photos in the door, the instructor launches you both into freefall. That’s the scary part over – the engine noise fades away and can relax and enjoy the rush of 120 mph soaring…

Once the parachute opens to conclude the freefall phase of the descent, your instructor ensures that you are feeling fine, and will then let you guide the descent in the right direction.

After the breathtaking canopy ride concludes with a safe landing on the beach, take the time to reflect on the thrilling experience you’ve just had…

Once unharnessed and gear is stowed, your instructor will take you back to our base where you will be presented with your jump certificate and any video and/or photos you purchased!

If that sounds like the antidote to a more typical Houston day, something that would deliver an adrenalin rush grin, please check our tandem  skydiving prices page, or contact us as follows;

Email Us: jump@skydivegalveston.com
Phone Us: +1 409 420 6231

If you’ve already checked the rates and are ready to go, please click the “Book It” button below.

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