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How Much Does it Cost to Skydive? Check our our skydiving prices for Houston & Galveston

The average cost of a tandem skydive in this area is $219. The price of a skydive is typically based upon the quality and maintenance of the skydiving aircraft and gear, the altitude skydivers jump from and the experience level of the skydiving instructors.

Though Skydive Galveston is not the least expensive skydiving operation, we make it our priority to deliver the best experience possible and give our guests the best value for their money. We observe and respect the most stringent USPA safety guidelines and only hire the most professional instructors in the industry to give our guests a world-class skydiving experience. Not only that but we’re the only place you can land on the beach every jump!

That said, we are always running skydiving deals so it’s good to check on our best price! (All prices include taxes)

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Skydiving prices - Houston & Galveston

Skydive Galveston’s very unique beach landing tandem skydive packages:

Early Summer, Beach Landing, Special $209 weekdays – $219 weekends. Save up to $90 off the regular $299 price!!

Summer Special (2 People) $599 (1 jump per person, 2 photo packages, 2 video packages) – save an additional $80

Group Rate: (6 or more) $189 Per Person

  • 1080P Video $99
  • Pictures (150 – 200) $99
  • Pictures and Video $119 (You save $79 by packaging both media types together! All pictures on our website and facebook were captured using the cameras we jump with Gopro 3+ Black or higher)

We endeavour to offer competitive tandem jump pricing as there are several Houston tandem skydiving operations to choose from. There are times when our skydiving prices seem to be slightly higher than that of other operations, there is good reason for this! We are the only place in the USA you can land on the beach every day and there are significant extra expenses involved to offer such a unique sky diving experience. That is why you are always free to choose the other Houston operators if you do not wish to pay a little extra to upgrade your experience by jumping over the ocean and land on the beach.

Think of us as “reassuringly expensive!” No shortcuts on equipment quality or aircraft maintenance!

. Additionally we run an “appointment only” system so no sitting around for hours and hours waiting to jump – your time is as valuable to us as it is to you!

“You may arrive a stranger but you will leave feeling like family when you jump with us!”

Please check our Google “Local Business” reviews and our blog posts, it may very well help you decide where to jump

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