Skydiving – The New Therapy?

Is it?

Well there is mounting evidence to suggest that it may be a good addition to regular scheduled therapy and other professional help. It’s being used as another tool to help both Veterans with PTSD, youngsters with traumatized upbringings and women who have been the subject of domestic violence or sexual assaults.

How is it helping? That seems to depend on the person, and the outcomes are different for everyone! Some people feel empowered and that they’re taking back control. Some find the mix of endorphines and chemicals the body produces lift them from the depression they’re in, others find the sense of teamwork and inclusion fills a void they have.

Does it suit everyone? Probably not, but how do you know if it will? Well there’s really¬†only one way to find out – try it!

We are not medical professionals, there are probably as many articles on the net for the above as there are against it. Here’s some of what we found:


We can tell you that we have personal experience of skydiving changing our lives – particularly during rough periods we have had – so there is definitely merit to the idea!!!