Who Are We?

We’re United States only Full Time Beach Landing Tandem Skydive

We are Skydive Galveston – well more specifically we are Tammy, Simon and a wonderful team of skydiving people and friends.

How did all this get started?

kangarooTammy used to go climbing and rappelling with her brother and a group of friends. One day, 25 years ago, as they were sitting around getting ready to go, her friend Ralph said ‘Lets go skydiving’ and that was that – the rest is a long history.

When she’s not looking cute holding baby roo’s, Tammy is the brains, the real driving force behind the scenes and the smiling friendly face that will most likely greet you when you arrive. Having been in the skydiving world for 25 years there isn’t much she hasn’t seen, done or been asked and has worked all over the US and Australia. Tammy is adamant about our customer service standards and friendly family feel, if there’s something you are not content with she will do everything she can to make it right!


Skydiving HoustonSimon is a 17 year Navy Veteran who did his first static line jump in 1993 with the military and hasn’t looked back. Joining the Navy at 18 he has been all over the world both with the military and skydiving. He gained his Tandem Instructor rating in Australia and has now transferred the skills taught to him by an amazing group of Ozzie mentors, to the USA. His passion is instructing, as well as skydiving and has not only instructed in skydiving but both in the military and whilst doing explosives work in the mines in Australia. If he doesn’t know something he’ll find out – he always says ‘every day is a learning day for everyone’. He is currently working on getting his pilots licence, in between hurling guests from the plane. His goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible taking your first air bath, and has developed specific methods to reduce your anxiety levels prior to jumping. His thing – if you call it that – is that it’s all about you!


So why Galveston? Why our own place?

Skydiving HoustonWe choose to employ only the most qualified crew, so our tandem instructors have 10’s of thousands of jumps and our pilot has over 4500 hours, flying everything from our jump plane to commercial jets. He is also our mechanic and has been working on aircraft since the 70’s. We should also mention that every one of our team is a Veteran.

Everyone has an absolute passion for what they do and want to do it 365 days a year – Galveston supplies the climate to do that. We seek to set the highest standards for customer and family friendly tandem skydive service built on a culture of safety and fun, for you our valued guest. In addition, we aimed to add something extra to our guest’s tandem skydiving experience by jumping over the ocean and landing on the beach – so Skydive Galveston was born. We don’t think you will find a better customer focused, tandem skydive experience in Houston – but that’s just our opinion and we could well be biased. Check us out, you might just like what you find!