So you’re thinking about booking a tandem skydive in the Houston area? Then you found us, the USA’s Tandem Skydive Specialists and now you want to know more about how it works on the day?

The Tandem Parachute Jump Process Explained

We strive to be a “no wait” tandem skydiving experience for Houston area customers! What does that mean for you? Well, excluding things beyond our control – like weather – we aim for you to arrive, jump and depart with next to no waiting time at all. No turning up at 7 AM and sitting around for 5-6 hrs before your parachute jump.

We book every hour on the half hour. So you’ll arrive, finalise any paperwork, have ID’s checked etc and shortly after meet your tandem skydive jump instructors. From there you will;

  • Undertake your individualised training program one on one with your instructor you’re going to jump with
  • Be harnessed ready to jump
  • Have some ‘get to know us and you time’
  • Chat for your interview, pose for pictures
  • Be transported to Scholes Airport.

Once at the airport we do some final gear checks, final “you” checks and brief you on airplane safety. We then roll down the taxiway to our designated runway for take off.

Tandem Skydiving Experience - Houston / GalvestonIn the air you will get to enjoy some amazing views of Galveston Island, the Gulf Of Mexico and the sandy beaches. While all this is happening, your tandem sky dive instructors are doing their best to keep you calm. At the same time, they are double-checking all their jump procedures.

You’ll be hooked to your tandem jump instructor. They will fully check you and them, prior to going through the sequence of the jump again to refresh your memory. It’s easy to forget things while on the ride to altitude. This is an excellent opportunity to address anything you have forgotten and make you comfortable.

The door opens and your tandem instructor will talk you through getting in position ready to jump. You get to pose for some final photos in the door, and then we launch you into freefall. Now you can breath a little and enjoy the rush of 120 mph while soaking up the beach and ocean views.

Houston Skydiving Tandem Parachute Jump with a Beach Landing
Gravity has you now!

When your parachute opens, we make you comfortable and let you drive – be careful not to run anything over up there!

After a breathtaking canopy ride you’ll be landed safely on the beach, have an opportunity to reflect on the epic adventure you just undertook and give yourself a very well deserved pat on the back for a job well done!

From there we transport you back to where it all started, have some wind down time with your instructors and be presented with your very own certificate and the video and/or photos you purchased!

If that sounds like something that you’d like to do, please check our tandem skydiving prices page for cost details, or contact us directly;

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